Jennifer Noble


Meet Jennifer

Fabulous voice - Moving lyrics - Soaring melodies
Original music that touches and inspires

Jennifer Noble is a singer-songwriter who specializes in powerful songs with profound lyrics and soulful, memorable melodies. She is a singer’s singer, with a wide vocal range and a deep understanding of the human condition in all its nuance. Imagine Carole King meets Adele…

The Sounds

Classic meets current, simple weaves intricate, intimate and dynamic. There are many facets to Jennifer Noble, it makes her music rich, her lyrics unexpected, her performances powerful and entertaining. Below are selected songs from her collection.

The Sights

Known for her powerful presence and inspiring vocal range, Jennifer Noble is no stranger to the live stage. Below are selected performances past and present.

I Thought I Knew

Learn to Laugh


Still Waters

The Dates

Current solo writing project will tour Ontario summer 2016 as a guitar/vocal duo.

Dates being finalized now, for booking information please contact using the form below





Hamilton/Toronto, ON, CA

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